ondersteunend bij lichamelijke en geestelijke klachten
03 Oct 2019

Indentify shungit and information on shungit

Shungit is found in the republic of Karelia Russia. It is next to black tourmaline, sodalite and moldavite also a famous stone against radiation. It is a stone with a unique composition.

  • Shungit soothes, gives comfort, is grounding,
  • Shungit strengthens the immune system
  • Shungit absorbs negative influences and electromagnetic radiation
  • Shugit purifies air and water

You can test whether shungit really is shungit with a light Real shungit lets electricity flow through so you can also check whether shungit really is shungit Look at the photos below to see what you see when it is really shungit:

shungit test
Light simply connected to battery without stone
test shungit
Example with grains
shingit grains
Real Shungit lets power through
shungit real or not test
Shungit placed between light and wire
battery test with shungit
Genuine shungit tested
shungit tested
Test setup with shungit
lamp to test shungit
Shungit test
shungit drops test
Light stays on. Shungit test passed

We sell shungit drops as well grains Elixirs are drops per 10ml bottles packaged with a dropper. Also available in lactose-free granules. You can take a grain or grains you can dissolve in a water bottle and the solution throughout the day drinking. 30 beads per tube Elixirs are made to support and are not addictive. Elixirs can be used in combination with other forms of treatment or medication.

Order - 10 ml Drops or 30 grains Price 20 euro inc sendingcosts