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12 Jul 2019

Nervousness exams

For exam is quiet and works increasing concentration

Exams always give a lot of tension. Will it work? Can I do it? and Will I remember everything and will I do everything at the right time? These hard questions mirror your doubt and anxiety combined with tension. Our elixir works in a supportive way giving you peace and concentration. Elixirs are lactose-free granules. This elixir can assist exams or if you need to do an exam or test. increasing concentration

Elixirs are drops per 10ml bottles packaged with a dropper. Also available in lactose-free granules. You can take a grain or grains you can dissolve in a water bottle and the solution throughout the day drinking. 30 beads per tube Elixirs are made to support and are not addictive. Elixirs can be used in combination with other forms of treatment or medication.

Order - 10 ml Drops or 30 grains Price 20 euro inc sendingcosts